Welcoming Helen Eames to our beauty salon

We are delighted to welcome expert therapist Helen Eames to Atelier Hairdressing and Beauty Rooms who will be heading up the beauty salon treatments and services.  Armed with 10 years of experience beginning her career in television and documentary behind the scenes make up, you know you’ll be in great hands or no hands as it happens.  Offering innovative new additions to the salon, Helen offers ‘hands free’ massage as well as Reiki.

Skin care remains a top priority for our salon and we’re pleased that our new therapist can offer skin and facial care pin points.  On that note don’t forget we are hosting make up and skin care workshops – so please join our facebook page to register your interest.

Why not book an appointment to see Helen, and if your lucky you’ll be able to take advantage of our new offer for your continued support! But please hurry as appointments are limited.  Working from Tuesday to Saturday including Thursday late night every other week!


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