The Perfect Colours For Your Valentines Date



Having well groomed hands and feet make a woman feel confident whilst adding finishing touches to a glamorous outfit and a sexy pair of heels. Be prepared, after all on Valentines, be sure you look irresistible.

Before we make it to the weekend, treat those feet to a luxury pedicure with our brand new Jessica ZEN SPA pedicure followed by a Jessica phenom varnish even better you can now buy phenom colours in salon, with a great selection they retail at £12.95. The brand new ZEN SPA products will leave your feet feeling clean, smooth and ultra soft.

These products all contain lemongrass and aha acids which dissolve dead skin cells on the feet but you will be pleased to hear these products do not contain any parabens or alcohol. Book the pedicure £36 and you will walk away feeling the difference!

If you are in a hurry and want your nails to be super shiny and dry in 30 minutes then why not book your self in for our geleration application. Included in the appointment enjoy having your nails shaped, cuticles pushed back and a gel varnish applied all in half an hour this also applies for your feet too. This treatment only costs £27.

My top three nail colours for Valentine’s Day would be.

Merlot in Jessica’s geleration. A nice medium blood red varnish is super shiny and ultra sexy.

Penthouse in Jessica’s phenom. This colour is a deep red and looks fabulous on toes.

Scarlet in original Jessica varnish. A classic bright red that will catch any single guys eye if you are out looking for love.

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