Hello Kate Moss

With the news that supermodel Kate Moss has been announced as the face of Kerastase let’s celebrate her hair triumphs and the brands must have products.

The ultimate style Icon already selling fashion on the high street with intense demand, Kate Moss fronts the luxury hair brand that we use in salon as standard for all our guests from backwash to departure!

What are the must have’s from Kerastase Paris?

You can’t live without Bain Satin 2 – the regular for great condition hair.  There are 3 types of Bain Satin so if your not sure if your a 1, 2 or 3 – you’ll need us to help – feel free, we’re the experts after all.

Why not indulge in the Kerastase Reflection range and bring ultimate shine to your locks with this luxurious conditioner.  Using just once weekly you’ll get good value for investment out of this particular product and benefit from ultra shiny hair.

Next up with have Kerastase Cristalliste lumiere liquide.  This luxe serum is made with sophisticated light reflectors to add mega-gloss and shine while smoothing away frizz. A generous amount of aloe vera—high in natural amino acids and vitamins—softens and restores dry, brittle ends and we can all relate to that at times too can’t we.

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